Ginnie Johansen Johnson and Sarah Johnson are filling homes around the world with the vibrant hues, rich texture, dynamic movement, and (most importantly) the Scripture inspired messages of their Faith Fine Art series. 

Their artwork exhibits what both artists call their “divine design” process. “Each painting is an overflow from the heart onto the canvas.” say Ginnie and Sarah, “We hope each Scripture-inspired painting brings truth and beauty into your home.”

Their fine art fits every style from traditional to modern–from eclectic to coastal. With paintings ranging from $80-$8,000, Ginnie and Sarah’s art is accessible to both new and serious collectors. 

Ginnie Johansen Johnson’s career as an established fine artist and successful businesswoman has evolved for over 30 years. After 12 years of building her own nationwide fashion accessories company, Ginnie Johansen Designs, Ginnie retired to raise three beautiful daughters with her husband Wayne. She started painting small pieces as gifts for friends–and her next career as an artist emerged. Her rich colors, textures, and movement have received accolades from renowned interior designers, gallery owners, and art collectors. “Ginnie’s paintings have captured the colors of Fauvism, the movement of Expressionism, and the texture of the Impressionism” -Jason, TX (Art Critic)

Sarah Johnson’s series are a result of over 20 years of painting and developing her creativity in several mediums. She exhibits an uninhibited freedom and keen eye for composition and color in her painting styles. “I love going into the art studio and seeing where ‘divine design process’ takes me. Each piece takes on a life of its own as I apply each layer of paint and color,” says Sarah. 

Ginnie and Sarah are especially thrilled that every art sale blesses philanthropic projects in Ariel, Israel.